Can i write what i want in my article?

Of course! We do not want to change your blog nor your opinion. We are happy if you have a certain view on a topic and put your heart and soul into your writing.
We only care about your article beeing interesting and well written for your readers.

Do i have to write about every topic?

Even if we would be very happy if you would write a fine article about every topic you do have our fullest understanding if you do not have time or if you are just not in the mood at times. Taking part in Sponsored Posts is completely voluntarily and therefore you are at liberty to reject topics and articles we propose to you.

Do you provide samples or test articles?

Unfortunately, we do not provide sample or test articles.

How much does it cost me to participate in Sponsored Posts?

Easy one: Nothing. There are no fees for the membership nor the registration. We do not like hidden costs and we believe that our partner bloggers feel the same.

How much is the allowance?

We have no fixed rate. You can choose how much you want for your article. You can tell us which price you had in mind via our contact form – we will make you an new offer if your expectations greatly exceed our budget.

How much time do i have to write an article?

Our Account Mangers will inform you about a deadline for creating and finishing the article with every contract. You should be able to write the article within this period and put it online. If you are unable to finish your writing within the deadline, please contact our Account Managers.

I have more blogs and would like to register them, is it allowed?

Of course! You can register as many Blogs as you like, as long as they are yours.

I rejected a request, what happens now? Am i out?

Don’t worry. We do not exclude your blog just because you rejected a request. You will get a new request from us later on.

What happens to my data?

The data you sent for your registration is handled with due caution and is not sent to any unauthorized third party.

What happens when i go on vacation and can not accept new requests?

If you received a request which you can not handle due to your vacation, please just inform us about your absence and set up an autoresponder.

What should the resulting articles look like?

We care about your blog to not change its look and feel, therefore we want you to write your article in the same form and style you always do. If you normaly add images, we are happy about images – if you usually never add images, you should not start doing it for us.
Also, the length of the article is your choice: If the topic is done with 200 words then that is just as good as writing 1000 words.

Which criteria must be met by my blog to get part of Sponsored Posts?

There are only a few criteria to meet in general: Your content is unique, you deliver a real value to your readers and you do not only use your blog to sell links? Then we are interested in your blog. We examine the domains you submitted and then send you the invite to the final registration step.